Our Halloween Tradition

candyDo you blindly following culture and tradition or do you think outside of the box and start your own tradition?

Another Halloween is fast approaching, bringing with it more than $2.2 billion in candy.  For parents who work hard year-round to help their children make healthy choices, finding a way to deal with the typical trick-or-treat candy haul can be daunting.   I am all about getting dressed up, decorating my house, carving pumpkins and having a blast when it comes to celebrating Halloween.  But when it comes to the candy and sweet side of things I think America has lost it’s mind.  Since they were very young, I have offered my children a deal.  After trick-or-treating they can pick out a few of their favorite pieces and I will buy back the rest of their candy.  I then found a local dentist that does the same.  The candy in the past was sent to the troops overseas and my kids even put notes to go with it.  We don’t have a candy in our house on a regular basis so they had no problem jumping on board with this deal.

When I shared this concept with some local friends I got mixed reviews.  Some were mortified and implied I was robbing my kids of an experience.  Uh, what experience, sugar comas?  Some said I should teach my kids to navigate the junk-food world.  Do you have any idea how addictive sweets and candy are?  It is my job as a parent to protect my kids and set them up for success.  Until they can show that they can make good choices for themselves, which my oldest can, thank goodness, I will provide what I feel is a better option for them.  I believe the habits young people establish carry over into adulthood, and I am doing my best to establish good habits.  Lastly and luckily, some friends were excited to hear my suggestions and share theirs in return.

sweet swapHave you ever heard of the Switch Witch or the Great Pumpkin?

I learned about these two characters last year and my kids are just too old to believe it, plus I already started my tradition.  But for those of you that are looking for ideas, the Switch Witch is a cute one.  She comes in the night after Halloween and switches the candy the child is willing to part with, with a new toy or prize.  The Great Pumpkin does the same thing.  What works for one parent may or may not work for the next.  Please feel free to comment and share below what has worked for you.

To leave you with one parting thought, the candy companies have spent millions of dollars over the course of your lifetime to ensure that you make a connection between fun times and their product.  Everyone is going to eat sweets over the next week.  The best thing you can do is stay consistent with everything else; namely exercise and water intake.

Happy Halloween!

About sherianne

For those of you who don’t know me, my name is SheriAnne Nelson and I am happily married to my husband Mike. I’m a mother of three beautiful children ages 9, almost 6, and 3, am a passionate fitness professional, and a Star Diamond Level fitness coach within the Team Beachbody program in Scottsdale, Arizona.

  • Kara Shire Anderson

    My kids have never been allowed more than 3 pieces of candy on Halloween. It’s all they know, so it’s not been an issue. They are, of course, very young — so they may argue in the future. But it’s sort of like people who chose to give soda to their kids — why even offer it up? What they don’t know will actually help them!

    I love the Switch Witch idea and would have done that if I’d known about it a few years ago!

  • Lee Gary Kushner

    I agree. I have a friend who says that bad parenting lasts a lifetime; so does good parenting.

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