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I’ve talked a lot about the relationship between physical fitness and a sense of well-being.  The mind-body connection is a powerful one to be sure.  And for many of us there is a third ingredient – Spiritual Fitness.  The power of faith brings a balance to the lives of many and thus the healthy lifestyle equation shifts to include mind-body and soul.

With Body Gospel, fitness expert Donna Richardson Joyner will motivate and inspire you to reach your weight loss goals by recognizing the power that faith has in the process.   Improve the internal and external “you” and achieve a healthy, happy and permanent lifestyle change.

The program includes 6 low impact cardio workouts set to uplifting gospel music.  Joyner’s training style will motivate you to burn fat, tone your muscles, increase your energy level and inspire your spirit.   Body Gospel also uses resistance bands which challenge and firm your muscles, and offers workouts designed to improve your flexibility and reduce stress.

Body Gospel calls their workouts transformations for a reason.  Everything in the program is designed to transform your body, mind and spirit.  Unique in approach, the “Total Transformation Guide” includes a prayer journal, commitment contract, and motivational scripture passages directly on the calendar to keep you on track and inspired.  Also included is the “Feed Your Body, Feed Your Soul” Nutrition Guide, Basic 10 work out cards that help you master the moves on the workout DVD’s, Resistance Bands, Online Support with live chats, and 4 bonus gifts!

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