Hip Hop Abs






Have you ever looked at the body of a professional dancer and marveled at how toned their bodies are? And their Abs?!!  Dancers have incredible bodies and amazing muscle definition.   Their agility and balance can be attributed to a tight and sculpted core – the essential aspect of well defined Abs!

There are several schools of thought regarding how to work your Abs and there are routines to fit just about any interest.  If you dread crunches and sit-ups (the really are boring and repetitive) but always wanted to sculpt your abs, burn fat at the same time (this is the ultimate equation for getting a 6-pack by the way), and you enjoy dance music, then Shaun T’s Hip Hop ABS is a great choice.   This energizing program will help you lose weight and define your mid-section with the same level of intensity he brings to the INSANITY workouts!  Trust me, don’t let the presence of dance music lull you into thinking this is easy – Shaun T is known for pushing limits and Hip Hop ABS is no exception.

Don’t be intimidated though! You can do this and to ensure you don’t give up, Shaun T has defined the dance moves into easy-to-follow steps so you can master the moves quickly and build up your level of intensity fast.  And you won’t just burn fat in your mid-section.  This routine will have you sweating and burning fat all over!

Hip Hop ABS comes with 4 basic routines (and bonus routines if you order through me!) and support resources to maximize your ABS workout results:

  • Step-by-Step Nutrition Guide to help you lose weight and show off those defined Ab muscles
  • Results on the Run Diet Guide that recommends what to eat at your favorite fast food restaurants
  • 6-Day SlimDown plan
  • 30-Day workout calendar
  • 24/7 Online Support
  • Measurement tools to keep track of inches you lose.

The Nutrition Guide and Diet Guide are crucial because all the exercise and sculpting routines in the world won’t give you a flat stomach if you are eating the wrong foods.

Ready to go? Click here and get the ABS you deserve!

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