Intense.  Powerful. Fat Burning.  Core Strength.  Total Body Conditioning.

The INSANITY workout is all of this, and more.  In 60 days, you can see dramatic results in your stamina, endurance and physical appearance.   If you have the dedication and are committed to changing the way you look, then this workout is for you.

INSANITY capitalizes on the concept of Max Interval Training – bursts of high intensity cardio and body conditioning followed by brief recovery (rest periods).  Max Interval Training lets you burn more calories and fat in a shorter period of time. You will maximize your fat burning potential through this cardio-based routine.  Building muscle mass is not the primary focus, although you will get tone, ripped and tight where you never thought you could.

Using intense cardio bursts followed by a small rest period, you will burn fat, build body strength and use your own body weight to push your results even farther.  The stronger you become, the harder the program will push you.  This program isn’t for the half-dedicated. With INSANITY, you either go hard, or go home!

Each workout is hosted and facilitated by Fitness Trainer Shaun T.  During your workout, his positive reinforcement and unique style will keep you pumped and push you when you think you can’t pull out one more rep.   Get your workout done on your schedule in the privacy of your own home. Unlike other at home programs, INSANITY doesn’t require any additional equipment – just your body weight and personal commitment!

The INSANITY program takes you on a total body conditioning journey lasting 60 days.  Every day your body is challenged, your endurance is pushed and your fat loss is maximized.  All this in about 45 minutes a day (or less), 6 days a week.  The INSANITY 60 Day program includes the following:

¶  10 Workout DVD’s

¶  INSANITY Fitness Guide

¶  INSANITY Elite Nutrition

¶  Wall Calendar

The Wall Calendar is a unique part of the INSANITY program.   By recording each workout, you see results, feel the accomplishment and stay motivated for the next day.  Display it in the area where you work out, or in a place that will motivate you.  I personally like the idea of hanging the calendar on the refrigerator (nothing tastes as good as thin feels!) or your closet door (a reminder of that shopping spree you may need at the end of the 60 days!).  No matter where it goes, keep track of your workouts using the Wall Calendar.  It will help keep you honest, and motivated.

Like most programs, INSANITY also provides nutritional support to help you establish healthy and long-lasting eating habits; which are crucial to effective weight loss and body conditioning.  All the workouts in the world won’t matter if you are still consuming empty calories, eating high sugar processed foods and skipping crucial meals.  To live healthy, you MUST eat healthy.  Exercise is only half of the equation.

How serious are you about weight loss and living healthy?  Are you ready to take an insane journey?  If so, then the INSANITY Program is for you.

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INSANITY 60-Day Total Body Conditioning Program – Basic Program

INSANITY Deluxe Recovery

INSANITY Deluxe Package


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