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As a Fitness Trainer, the biggest challenge I hear from clients today is finding the time to work out.  They are racing to get the kids to school, racing to get to work, hurrying to pick up the kids, buy groceries, cook dinner, and get everything ready for the next day.  Listen, I get that – even though this is my job, I am still a wife, and full-time mom of 3.  It’s hard to find the time for my own workouts.  I would love to have more time for myself.

Which is why I am so excited about BeachBody’s newest product partnership – the Les Mills PUMP workout.  I really think this workout could be the answer to those who have the drive and desire, but lack the precious time that other programs require. Can you commit to working out 3 days a week in the comfort of your home to get in shape? How hard are you willing to push yourself?  Like other programs offered by BeachBody, Les Mills PUMP is not for the half-dedicated.  Your legs will shake, and your endurance will be tested with every workout.  But the results you get (if you put that 100% effort into it) will be fast and amazing!

The program is based upon the same workout found in thousands of gyms across the country; which currently boasts over 3 million dedicated Les Mills PUMP workout fiends!  Most trainers agree that Les Mills PUMP is one of the fastest ways to tone up, build endurance, and get in shape.

Sound too good to be true? I’ll be straight with you, in the workout world there are no fast tracks, magic bullets or easy ways around a healthy and in shape body.  The fact is no matter what program you dedicate yourself to, you and only you determine the success or failure.  It requires the maximum commitment, maximum effort and dedication.   Les Mills PUMP is fast, but very intense – fast does not mean easy.

What sets Les Mills PUMP apart from other routines is the use of the “Rep Effect”.  Using weighted barbells, the program incorporates high reps with low weights to push your body further and maximize fat and calorie burning.  Depending upon the routine, you may complete 100 reps per body part; which in some cases could translate into completing 800 reps and burning 1000 calories an hour!   All of this in just 3 days a week.

With the program, you receive:

7 DVDS which show you how to assemble your weights demonstrate proper form and provide intense workouts that use multiple muscles at once to really maximize the calorie burn.

Two 5 lb and two 10 lb weight plates, barbell and safety clips

Nutrition Guide

Fitness Guide

Tape Measure and Measurement Tracker – to document your progress every step of the way

As with any workout routine, don’t forget about building in that healthy diet.  What a waste it would be to work out so hard only to negate the calories burned by consuming empty-calorie, sugary, processed foods.  Les Mills PUMP offers a Nutrition Guide to help identify healthier food and meal choices.  At the risk of repeating myself – exercise is only half the equation.  Eating right and watching your food intake is equally important.   Click the picture below to BUY NOW!





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