P90X One on One

with Tony Horton

If I had to pinpoint the single most significant characteristic common to those who have lost weight, changed their eating habits and redefined their body, I would have to say it boils down to personal motivation. No one but you can get you up off the couch, turn on the TV, put in the workout DVD and push yourself to the highest limits – that is a drive that you dig deep for and fall back on day to day.  Everyone has it, but not everyone utilizes it to their maximum.

But we are not machines and there are those times when we need that personalized touch to help us push ourselves.  It’s easy to get into a workout rut (different from a plateau) and start slacking because the workout lacks the excitement or that “thing” which got you where you are today.

Tony Horton, who got us toned, tight and awesome with his very successful P90X line, has created a one-on-one experience from his personal gym.  No large room or audience – just Tony and you. Building on P90X’s infamous “muscle confusion” technique, you will feel like he is delivering a personal training session.  This workout is not for the P90X newbie. It is designed to help push the experienced workout fanatic to the next fitness level.

What’s unique about this product is that you can choose between 3 separate workout volumes based upon your needs and focus. Each complete volume includes 12 DVDs workouts which are raw, unedited and based upon the exercises Tony creates for himself and his clients on a daily basis.   It’s very personal and dedicated – you almost feel like you are right there in his gym.

P90X ONE on ONE Full Edition, Vol. 1

P90X ONE on ONE Full Edition, Vol. 2

P90X ONE on ONE Full Edition, Vol. 3

And be warned, he will push your workout way past the P90X level.  Be grateful you are in the privacy of your own home because you will curse him during the workout, and then thank him after the fact!  It’s that good.



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