Let’s set the record straight – right here.  No matter what you have heard, seen or been told, there are no magic bullets to achieving weight loss or developing that body you have always dreamed of.  The facts are simple:  it takes commitment, hard work and dedication.  Are you still with me?  Good, because if you can deliver on those three elements, I have a program that will provide the tools necessary to meet your personal fitness goals.

P90X  – say it with me – P90X!

What can you do with one hour a day in the privacy and comfort of your home?  Watch TV, talk on the phone, make dinner?  What if you could have the body you have always envisioned for yourself – the ultimate version of yourself!  What if you could learn the basic formula to eating healthy and maintaining weight loss based on a balanced diet of protein, complex carbohydrates (yes I said carbs!) and the proper fats?

With the P90X Home Fitness program, you not only get a workout regime which takes you through the process step by step, but you learn how to change the habits that got you here.  Whether you are just starting out, or looking to take your workout to a higher level, P90X is the perfect choice.  What’s great about this program is that it doesn’t leave you wondering “what should I do next?”, or “am I working the right way”? You bring the effort and commitment, and P90X will bring you the answers.  In 90 days, you will see a change!

Developed under the idea that we must challenge and “confuse” our muscles daily, this system doesn’t allow your body to adjust to your workout. Muscle confusion (keep this phrase in the back of your mind) allows your body to build muscle, burn fat – and – continue to burn fat throughout the day as you build muscle.  That is metabolism, and that is the trigger you need for healthy and consistent weight loss.

Working your body and building muscle is only half the battle.  The war is won when you combine intense exercise with healthy eating habits.  A proper diet will help you banish fat, drop the pounds and allow your toned muscles and physique to shine through.  That is why every P90x program comes with a 3 – Phase Nutrition Guide to help you understand what it means to eat healthy everyday!  The complete P90X program includes:

  • 12 Intense workouts that combine strength training, cardio, core, yoga and flexibility.
  • Fitness Guide
  • How to Bring It Video
  • P90X Calendar
  • 24/7 Online Support.

As a fitness professional, I’ve seen the results that this program can give if you devote the effort.  I’m a busy mom of 3, devoted wife and business professional.  I understand that time is limited.  But I also understand that there is no easy way to lose weight – it requires effort.  You must eat healthy, eat the right foods in the right quantities, and commit to the hard work necessary to push your body and mind just that much farther every day. P90x drives you to pull from the deepest part of what you have to give, and in return you will see results that are more than worth the effort.


Oh, and did I mention that P90X is now mobile? Yeah, they have an app for that! Check out the video to learn more about it.


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