One thing that is often overlooked in workout routines is the idea that your body – i.e., muscles, core, resistance, stamina, etc – reaches fitness plateaus.   In the beginning of any routine, we struggle, push, sweat, swear, and scream “this is so hard”.    Then as we progress, we find that we don’t have to struggle as hard in the same routine, and we feel like we are becoming physically “fit”.  This feeling is a false positive – what is really happening is that our body has become use to what we are doing.  In essence, we have stopped training our bodies.  The muscles know what to expect – they aren’t confused anymore!

This is where growth stops, fat burning decreases and fitness goals get abandoned.  You have reached a plateau!  But that is actually a great thing because it just means you are getting stronger, more physically fit, and are ready to push even harder.

This is where P90X2 comes in.  Talk about taking it to the Next Level!

Some of the top fitness gurus in the business spent over 2 years researching and creating the routines in P90X2.  It includes a training technique used by professional sports trainers:  Post Activation Potentiation.  Basically, the revolutionary P90X2 program will work you like an athlete, focusing on balance, agility and ab/core strength.   This cross-training routine is not for wannabe’s – it is for the dedicated and serious-minded fitness fanatic.   P90X2 will burn through your plateaus and help you reach new levels of fitness.  It really works.

With the new P90X2, you get:

  • 12 new DVD workouts focusing on athletic function, abs/core, balance and agility
  • A brand new and easily customized Nutrition Guide that lets you choose the foods your body needs
  • A Fitness Guide that helps you get the most from this workout with tips on how it work and performing the moves to maximize the workout.
  • How to Bring It Again – An overview of the P90X2 program and how it will work for you
  • P90X2 Workout Calendar – see your results and push yourself daily!
  • Online support – for guidance and motivation.

If you are really ready to commit, you may want to try:

P90X2 Deluxe

P90X2 Ultimate

Are you ready to take it to the next level of fitness?  BUY P90X2 today!

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