Power 90








Okay – you have educated yourself on the benefits of working out and eating right.  Now what?   It’s time to choose your workout routine and Power 90 is a great place to start.

Presented by P90X Trainer Tony Horton, this in-home boot camp style workout focuses on strength training to burn fat, sculpt your body and build endurance.   If you follow the workout routines and nutrition guide, you can transform your body in 90 days – in as little as 30 minutes a day.  Power 90 focuses on controlled and targeted movements to isolate and work different parts of your body every day.

This is a great workout for newbies or those who haven’t worked out in a long time.  If you are worried about intensity levels, don’t be.  The premise of the program is to progress slowly so you don’t overdo it.  This is so key to any workout routine because many who haven’t worked out in awhile often go full guns into a new program, then get overwhelmed by the difficulty levels – and then guess what?  They quit – and that is the worst thing you can do.

As we age, our bodies change.   We lose bone and muscle mass with relative ease, yet it gets harder to lose fat.  We must work harder and work correctly.   If you diet (and by diet I mean eating healthy foods without skipping meals!) but don’t strengthen and build muscle, then you run the risk of burning existing muscle mass before fat.   As you build muscle, your metabolism stays in motion and you continue to burn fat.  When you follow Power 90 to the “t”, you will build strength and muscle, and maximum fat burning.  Don’t worry, you won’t bulk up with Power 90 – just become stronger, leaner, toner and much healthier.

Power 90’s six DVD workouts alternate between body sculpting, cardio, and awesome ab routines!   It also provides a guide on how to use the program (remember exercising to the DVD’s is only part of the battle), track your progress, and create healthy meals that complement the program to help you lose weight.  As a bonus, you also get the Power Sculpting Band and the Fat Burning Express DVD to help kick start your metabolism.


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