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Wanna Rock your Abs?

It’s that one elusive body part that everybody wants help with – Abs!  I’ll even go so far as to say it is the one area that we all struggle with and become discouraged with the quickest.  Having a tight, toned 6-pack seems to be the Holy Grail of any workout fanatic and yet for so many it remains quite elusive.

What’s funny about that is that your Abs are actually quite easy to workout and develop – the workouts are not easy (they hurt, let’s be honest!), but results come relatively quickly and soon you find yourself needing to change up the ab routine because your existing exercises are too easy to get through.

Many of us work only one aspect of our Abs, but in truth you have to work your entire core in order to define your mid-section.  But that is only part of creating a flat, sleek stomach.  Think about it.  There is a layer of fat on top of your Ab muscles.  It doesn’t matter how many sit-ups, crunches or bicycle kicks you perform.  Unless you simultaneously burn the fat covering those defined muscles, you will never see the labor of love you have created.

And then there is a third component – diet and nutrition.  The wrong combinations of foods will only bloat your stomach and/or contribute to the build up of fat on top of your Abs.   A proper diet will enhance your results; an improper diet will negate all of your hard work.  Brett understands this and provides resources in his RevAbs program to help balance diet and exercise.

RevAbs can give you the toned and tight stomach you have always dreamed about.  By following Brett Hoebel’s 90 Day Abcentrics Training Technique, you will burn the fat and sculpt your Abs at the same time.  Brett really works your entire core hard from 6 different angles with his revolutionary combination of Abcentrics and Capoeira, moves he refined based upon Brazilian Martial Arts.  It truly is a unique and powerful approach to sculpting your abs and burning maximum fat!

Each RevAbs program comes with 12 hardcore ab routines as well as these additional resources to meet your goals:
·         RevGuide (not just a step by step but an analysis of Brett’s weight loss philosophy!)
·         RevAbs Day-to-Day Calendar
·         Eating for Abs Nutrition Guide and  14-Day Nutrition Jump-Start Program
·         Anytime, Anywhere Abs I & II
·         Measuring Tape and Tracker
·         24-Hour Online Support

With RevAbs Deluxe, you get what you see in the base package, plus additional workouts and tools to push your results harder and faster.

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