Slim in 6

 “My high school reunion is just 2 months away!”

“My son’s wedding is in 6 weeks and my dress does not fit!”

“Summer is around the corner.  I dread finding a bathing suit.”


Sound familiar?  Been there, done that?  At one point, that was me – and what was even more discouraging was that the cycle never seemed to end.  I was always in hurry to fit into an outfit, get ready for Spring Break, a wedding, the holidays, etc.   I was like a hamster on wheel – always moving toward something, but never quite getting there.  At least not permanently.

For busy moms (like me), the career-minded, etc., we are going to have those moments when we are caught behind the 8 ball and need a workout that will give us results fast and keep us moving forward in the right direction.   One of the reasons so many of us give up on our routines early on is because we don’t get that instant gratification of seeing results – and gaining validation that our hard work is paying off.

With Slim In 6 Rapid Results, you can fit into that dress, go to your reunion, smile when you purchase that bathing suit and continue to stay in shape after the fact!  No more hamster, no more wheel.  Just quick, sustainable results that will help you make a permanent, healthy lifestyle change and see the results you need to mentally motivate and keep you moving forward.

The “slim” in Slim In 6 means just that – you will slim your body, trim your thighs and upper body, and tighten your abs using cardio and light resistance.  For those who want a sculpted body without the bulk, Slim In 6 is the perfect answer.  The 3 DVD’s are named to show you how the progression happens: “Start It Up” where you will learn the basics and burn calories, “Ramp It Up” takes the workout to the next level, burning more fat to speed up the results and “Burn It Up” which will slim, trim and reshape your entire body.

The Slim in 6 Rapid Results program also includes tools for tracking your progress, changing your diet to compliment the workouts (thus revving up weight loss), and online support.  There are also two bonus workouts and 4 free gifts to really keep you motivate after you reach your initial weight loss goal.

The Slim in 6 DELUXE package comes with the Slim in 6 Rapid Results program plus the follow-up program titled “Slim Series”.  These additional 6 workouts will ramp up the Slim in 6 program and amplify your results to help you achieve and maintain your goals..

Looking good, feeling great and staying in shape does not have a beginning and an end.  The road to a healthy lifestyle is never ending – you just have to readjust your goals, never stop and always keep moving forward.  It’s hard work but so very worth it!

Day 1 is here.  ORDER TODAY!


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