Tai Cheng



Turn on the TV and you will invariably see a commercial offering “quick and easy weight loss” or a revolutionary drug that can cure or relieve your aches and pains.  Watch long enough and you will hear the disclaimers – “not approved by the FDA” or “you may experience side effects…”.  Seriously, those commercials scare me.  And many of these “cures” are not necessary because you can live a healthy and natural lifestyle without gimmicks.  Eating the right foods and maintaining a regular exercise regimen are the basic ingredients for living a medically healthy lifestyle.

Let me say right here that it is possible to banish those annoying aches and pains naturally with exercise.  As you make the changes behind your eating habits and physical well-being, the health of your body will improve.  I’ve noticed with my clients that when their health begins to improve, they desire to pursue more natural methods of healing the body when there are issues.

This is the main philosophy behind the Tai Cheng workout.   The creators of Tai Cheng have effectively and seamlessly blended the ancient moves of Tai Chai with modern fitness processes that will ultimately benefit the health and well being of your mind, body and soul.   The program will help improve your sense of balance, increase body strength, develop flexibility and alleviate joint stiffness.  What sets this workout program apart from others is the inclusion of the mind-body connection – a fundamental aspect of Tai Chi.

It’s okay if you have never tried Tai Chi because in just 90 days, the program teaches you what you need to know through the Dynamic Motion Control method – a systematic and controlled process of introducing the 18 basic Tai Chi moves step by step.

The Tai Cheng workout includes 12 DVDs and a Master Scroll reference video which demonstrates how each of the 18 Tai Chi moves look and work.  Watch it first to get your mind ready for the individual workouts.  Tai Cheng also provides a Fitness Guide that helps you connect the physical part of the workout to the mental aspect (the mind-body connection), a Nutrition Guide, 90 Day Workout Calendar, Blue Foam Roller and a Tape Measure.

Use Tai Cheng as your primary workout routine or add it to your existing programs to maintain your physicality and improve your energy naturally!   ORDER TODAY!


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