If there is one hard core lesson I’ve learned about personal fitness, it is this: the routine and workout regime has to be a perfect fit for the client.  In order for anyone to stick with and succeed in any fitness program, the exercise and routines must speak to the person and allow them to connect on a personal level.  Some people really enjoy weights and strength training; others love the feel of a “boot camp”- like workout, while others enjoy music-based dance-like cardio routines that let them move and groove.    So before you begin any workout journey, ask yourself, “What do I like to do?  What makes me want to get up and move?”

TurboFire is a great at-home cardio conditioning workout that speaks to those who like to shake and groove a little in their workout. This 90 day program will help you burn more fat and calories than the regular standby cardio routines.   TurboFire  combines dance and body conditioning moves that will firm, tighten and fire up weight loss.

How does it work?  At the core of the workout are Fire Drills – also known as High Intensity Interval Training.  These are periods of intense cardio bursts followed by brief rests to maximize your heart rate and fat burning. The program was developed by Chalene Johnson, the creator of the infamous Turbo Jam Workout.  Chalene knows how to create DVD workout experiences that give you the look and feel of being in a fitness class, all in the privacy of your home.  You will stay pumped and motivated!

The workouts range from starter classes that introduce you to the Turbo method and demonstrate form, to sculpting, yoga and high/low intensity cardio workouts. With the program you will get:

¶  14 complete and diverse workouts ranging from 10 to 55 minutes. Quick-yes.  Easy? NO.

¶  Burn Fitness Guide Class Schedule to help you maximize your workout results

¶  TurboFire Thigh Firming Band

¶  Fuel the Fire Nutrition Guide

¶  5 Day Inferno Plan

The TurboFire Complete System gives you everything in the base TurboFire program, plus additional workouts and tools that will maximize your results and keep you focused on the prize!

Are you ready to get fired up? BUY TODAY!

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